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Jessica Vale

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Date de parution : 12/07/2005

Durée : 0:04:2

Style : Electronic

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You've got your boa and your high-heeled shoes,
A little bit of blow and nothing to lose.
You've got your spiked hair and that attitude,
Pretending you don't care when you obviously do.
You show up at the club with your entourage,
Head to the bar, dj spins visage.
Pretending to talk while you scope out the meat,
You'll only go dance to a familiar beat.

Disco libido
Now we must dance,
So later we fuck

I'm here to dance.
Just loosen up.
You're here to score?
Well, i don't give a fuck.
But you know what they say about how you dance
So at the end of the night, i may give you a chance.
All these other cowards, they stand there and watch.
Need to down some pills, kick it up a notch.
Here's you chance to turn me on, let's see what you
Can do.
You've got the hottest mating dance, i'll spend the night with you.

Disco libido
Now we must dance.
So later we fuck

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