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Dave Patten

pochette album Discovered
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Date de parution : 01/01/2010

Durée : 0:03:5

Style : Pop

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Six days in i'm struggling to keep myself awake
Unheard, away from her
She's got me pinned, my back to the wall i'm thinking this is it
So long, too bad, move on
And then i stop and i realize what went on and i realize i was wrong
To her, inside it hurts
So this is me softly whispering uncut untold untouched alone

Please don't think anything i say is from my mind
It's not, my language my thoughts, no
Everything you hear is exactly what i fear
My dreams, my years, my nightmares, my tears
And when i write i feel i'm undeserving of you
I try i do i hide it
I wish you would believe how far you've carried me
Uncut untold untouched alone discovered

I never said the things i wanted to when you were there
And now i know it word for word what i'd say to you here
And then i'd show you how much i've discovered
I told myself i wouldn't let it push me this far again
And i was careful not to do it but now look where i am
So unworthy, now i've discovered

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