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Velvet Acid Christ

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Fucking lie, your fucking lie
You'll fucking die, now fucking die
It's your state, your state, your physical
Your mental state
Your state, your physical, your mental state
Into lights, you will fall into
You will redefine, you will count the line
No reason why, no reason why
To crawl away into your dream state
Another way to get away
Zero, zero reality
You'll melt away, you melt your words
Try to tell me right and wrong
No fever in your eyes, no burning
Now they work, they live they play
They die in shame
They die in shame
They die in shame
Disearned course, insciety
We'll redefine almost everything
Overthrow the virgin mind
You can't hypnotize, you can't hypnotize
Paralyzed, hypnotized
Emulsified with treacherous crimes
Fallen states will copulate
Now for your eyes, retarded life
Broken up into four words
Fuck off and die, fuck off and die
Realize the look in my eyes
Try to relate to this broken waste
Desire is misfortune, lust is rust
Creating the plague

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