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Hello, i should diss you

Excuse me, lady, you're lookin' real nice
Where you been, i been lookin' for you all my life
So how's about lunch with a winner?

Then again it's kinda late, so what's up with dinner?
At my place or my place or my place or my place
By the fireplace or the candle light
About 7 or make that 8 o'clock tonight

Make up your mind, let's wine and dine
Get with me or back up off my line
'cause i can't wait for you to call me
You're steppin' on your suit the very second you saw me

I thought you said that i'm the only one
That can send chills up and down your (unverified)
Gold rings and estate, too
(hello, is this you?)
Man, i should diss you

Yo, i been waitin' all night long
And you didn't even ring my phone
I should diss you

Since you tried to play me like booty
I just feel that it's my duty
I should diss you

So don't give me no excuse
But before i cut you loose
I should diss you

And there's nothin you can say
And there's nothin you can do
I'ma diss you, i'ma diss you
Diss you

You claimed you would stick like super glue
But you're low, down and dirty, so i'm dissin' you
Yeah, i'm dissin' you, i won't be missin' you
I won't be kissin' you, i hope you're listenin', too

'cause i realized that i'm real fly
So see ya later, bye
'cause you only get one chance at this
You played me wrong, so i'ma diss you, miss

For the fact that you thought that i could get done
The k i n g tee ain't the one
So miss me with all that stuff you're talkin'
I know you're sorry, but keep on walkin'

On about your business, i'm almost finished
Tyin' up loose ends, and
Let the door hitcha' where the dog should bitcha'
Even though i should dissed you

I shoulda dissed you

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