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*i can't fall asleep and found your heart
I don't want awake and i know
Thats just a fake coz u're kill me
With a distance in your hand

You bring me to sky and i can see
A paradise that you give me
And now you know i want you here
Coz all my dream is fragil

I saw someone in the corner
Thats a preety girl with a picture
She's crying and never stop it
And i know that if she scared
Its not something about love
Or who is my love, i tell u. .

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That this world is change
The crazy thing killed brain
And some prefer nettles

Could you see
, i'm here waiting for your love in my way
Tell me and don't be a liar
Hold my hand
I want you smile and forget the sorrow
Coz i don't want to let you go

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