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Oh, blessed be the grand watchers
Who are not from a race of man
But from beyond the times of the gods
Lurking forever about the barriers
Thou who are the one in three and three in one

With the names that set a soul ablaze
Kua mass ssaratu -
Thy sword of flames
I have never heard your voices so close
Unknowable, unspeakable chants
Torn into the billion pieces
Enslaved in crypts upon the stars

Rites not to be spoken
Harbingers of chasmal light
Forever kept alive
Upon the wizard's seal
- the conjuration of the fire
I call thee fierce dog here, before me
Shtah! appear! conjuration!

Carven signs engraved upon the bow!
Barra mass ssaratu barra!
Behold the worthless formula
Seeking ever to hold the ancient powers
Now devoured is thy mind
Such are laws of the grey stone star...

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