Paroles de Distant scream (the monotonous)

Dust Bolt

pochette album Distant scream (the monotonous)
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Date de parution : 10/06/2014

Durée : 0:07:13

Style : Heavy Metal

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There he stands on this mountain still his dreams don't seem burglarized
He spreads his wings to eternity, this shattered man, his shivered eyes
The sky is slowly turning black, the birds don't sing, they cry
He tries to still the agony summoned by time

Take me the power to see
My future, my misery

Like silent drops, thoughts fade away
Like broken glass, he lost all his ways
Deep inside he's taking back - memories seem blind
Too long, too far far from home
Like fabric - teared apart

Take me the power to see
My future, my misery

Too many days the flame died as the dream did still exist
Longing for rest, seems like i need a break from my own intentions,
From my own being

Everything he gave, nothing he would take
Words cant grasp relation, i'm leaving this place

Broken hope of existence's past
A life in a foreign time
The will a thousands strong
The pain ends , he dies

My past, my misery
Took me the power to be
A distant scream..

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