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Date de parution : 24/08/2010

Durée : 0:07:24

Style : Rock

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Distarnish priest
Distarnish priest
I'm clean, washed in blood
Sanctified inside out
Oh i'm dead to satan's grasp
Justified by the cross
Verse one
Vertical convulsion, striven force
Grasp desired service
Hideous onslaught attacks the mind
Vicious intent prevails
Serve your god
Your time will come
Verse two
Guard your heart, bow before god
Sack cloth and ashes repentance
Radical conversion, zeal of love
Put faith in actions
I'm lost, inside your ways
I've found, a new escape
This life, no fantasy
New ways, reality
Always growing, never fading
Hope increasing, peace astounding
Always knowing, never falling
My salvation, making me
Verse four
Wretched man, that i am
Chronicle thought diseases
My priestly robes must be clean
Pentinence of ministers
Verse five
Bow at the altar of sacrifice
Living flesh submission
Eucharist served to others passed
Priest of life's maturity
Scripture references:
1 timothy 3:1-7
Jonah 3 (whole chapter)
Psalm 51 (whole psalm)
Romans 7:13-25

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