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Shaka Ponk

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Disto cake
Just gimme one of those then i wanna see the pretty colors through my nose when
I hit the dance floor in my crazy pose and
I feel the doses come in little roses
Behind you mind you they can still find you
Grind you up bind you up to blind you then line you up
Cuffing then up ‘till your shit cracks up like a tea cup
Doncha ask that where ya left your balls at
When shit’s wack, shit’s plat , shit’s out ta date, shit’s crap, y’ take a nap fuckin’ up
Your gat with your pants wet slappin’ down stains where ya last sat
Breakin’ of the neck of the mec at the discotek with a bottle of becks , i reckon he be

Checkin’ his pecks on the decks of my lexus in a wreck, you know that it effects us
(you ‘re next)
Where ‘s my check , just a sec, bob’ll sex us,
What the heck ? yogurt grec to connect us.
You be knowin’ he be flowin’ to do u the way he does,
We be showin’ how we goin’, row in dough and be above
Make up your mind so whatcha buyin’ this time ? is it cake on the line or disto a dime a
Dozen ‘till you ‘r buzzin’ with the sexy lovin’, with the chaude ass hummin’ on the

Oven and we both comin’
Free your mind, it’s the time to taste my piece of distocake
Free your pie, it’s the time to test my peace and distocake

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