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Built To Spill

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Date de parution : 13/09/1994

Durée : 0:04:24

Style : Alternative

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Can you make it real make it more than will we are on a ride more than just feel we're on it all the time it's at the front of your mind but he hates david bowie my stepfather looks just like david bowie i think my stepdad's a fool i think bowie's cool i'm the only thing that dies without me there's nothing i think lodger rules i would do the stupid thing if it came down to your life or mine and let you keep on living full of what she said waking up to a head full of bed "i'm alright," said the man to his wife she hadn't thought of it for a while she thought of it differently than she thought she should be thinking and when she did to penetrate my comfort zone just the thought of it's enough

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