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Date de parution : 26/06/2007

Durée : 0:04:03

Style : Punk

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I'd like to know completely
What others so discreetly
Talk about when they leave me
Not that i notice when they're gone

It's eerie and so scary
I don't know who to marry
Your sister came to bait me
But i love it when you blink your eyes

I've showed me once to often
You'd never know how often
I've pictured you in coffins
My baby in a coffin

But i love it when you blink your eyes
Oh i, i want to know my body
I want this out not in me
I want no other leakage

I want to know no secrets showed
I leave, oh i leave, now i leave care
Free of distortions, free of distortions
Free of distortions

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