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Don't Drown Amsterdam

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Verse #1:
Maybe when our soliders drown
In the rivers of tears they've reluctantly found,
That we will wake up to this place that hate has built just for us.
(that's why i have distrust)
My short life has taken it's toll,
Our disguised leader is really just a troll
And generations of humans will suffer for the unjust.
(that's why i have distrust)

If i ask why(this world)
Is ruined, i'm(assured)
That i am fine
(that word)it hurt's
Why are soliders(dying)
And their children(crying)
If i'm fine, why
(does it) hurt to breath

Verse #2:
All leaders now are so corrupt
And corporations monopolizing are fucked up,
And pacifists become masochists with their wrists cut
(that's why i have distrust)
I've learned it's better just to die,
Then live with the fact that i'm living a lie
But to end pain, unite is one thing that we must
(that's why i have distrust)

Corus x2

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