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Rostok Vampires

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Distrust one minute
Distrust recall
Distrust remind it
Distrust man'o'war
I think of the way you're talking
I think of the way you decide'bout other lifes
Distrust your values
Distrust your war
Distrust your politics
Distrust your law
Who's sick?
I'm suspected
I'm learning yearing
Everyone's walking arround
Not knowing what he's talking 'bout
Take a rule
Play a fool
Like most of them always do
Distrust you're talking
Distrust such a bore
Distrust i'm laughing
Distrust 'bout you
I'm suspected
I'm learning yearning
You like dying squads
You jail me when i'm wrong
But don't really think that you can tell me
That you're strong
With your battery
You don't know whats going on
Oh lord
Will man admit the truth by war?
Distrust is wise
I go on'n'try

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