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Lil' Mo

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Yo, i don't feel like listenin to nothing
No, you gonna hear somethin
Yo my phone ringin, hold on
(3 messages wednesday, february 5th 8 27 pm yo, mo this is spazam)
What you want me to hear
That ain't it just wait a second
Come on i got to go
You ain't gotta go nowhere, you sit right there
You trippin
Wait, listen
Command baby mother. and uuh you might be with him right now but he was with me last night)
Come on yo, im out . i aint tryin to hear this
No you gonna hear this, you gonna hear. you gave her my number
You gave her my number
No you gave her your number
I did not give her my number
You gave her your number
Whatever yo, she always playin on my phone you better make her respect me
You respect your self then
Nigga i respect myself
Man you trippin i'm out
Whatever yo, you wack
You wack
You real wack
You wack
You realy wack, don't make me throw this phone in your face. i am not playin
Look boo, look look look
Don't look at me with that stupid face. you call her right now and tell her
I'm not callin her
Why not
No, i"m not callin her
Oh you a sucka, you scared of her son, you scared, you wack
You don't have to like that
You wack, you wack, whatever
You don't have to pay child support
You don't have to pay child support
Whatever that's right
You don't have to pay child support
Then you should marry her then, then you should be with her then
Why won't you be with her then
Alright, then i'll holla
Why won't you be with her then
I'll holla
Be with her
I'll holla
Then bye, i'll call her my self

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