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What's up everybody, come look and see
Forget about the man walking next to me
I can sing so high and take it back down low
You'll feel so alive when you hear my flow

When i walk in the room all you can do is stare
I got you tongue tied, 'cause i got great hair
I'm the kind of girl that you want to be, a hot thing
I romance, i dance, i act and damn, can i sing

Here i come, here i come (hold up)
Here i come, here i come (listen up) (repeat both lines)

Oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh ah oh (she's a diva)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh ah mm (a crowd pleaser)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh ah oh (she's diva)
Oh ooh oh ooh oh ooh oh aw oh oh
(break it down)
I'm a diva, i will please ya

I know you're blown away, it's a natural reaction to me
You wanna be my man, cause i'm young, wild and free
I'd give you some time but i get distracted by the mirror
Mirror, mirror on the wall, never mind i know the answer

It's such a pleasure to meet me, what's your name?
Blah, blah, blah, you all sound the same!
Conversation is getting weary, i need a man
This boy next to me is just a fan

(pre-chorus into chorus)

God gave me all this talent so don't be hating
You don't even come close, i know it sure frustratin
You can live your life vicariously through me
I get you off the hook, baby, i'll set you free

Distinguished gentlemen, get your perfect... eleven
Mmm? there's only one of me, you'll have to settle for a seven
But don't be sad, no,no don't you pout, sir
You can always fantasize when you buy my poster

(pre-chorus into chorus) i'm a hot thing, damn can i sing

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