Paroles de Divination

Nasty Savage

pochette album Divination
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Date de parution : 24/05/1994

Durée : 0:03:49

Style : Rock

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Eight forces of change
Hidden knowledge you gain
Time present, time past
Are both here in the future
Problems of life
Through divine chanels
The meling of opposites
The purpose remains
Symbolize the shimmering water
The wheel of the law
It's destiny
Rejoice with neither fear nor favor
The inquisior's art work is not what it seems
Lovers sought to divine
Winning the affection of their beloved
Six parallel lines with enigmatic sayings
Unbroken traditios, it's a game of chance
An unending journey through the sky
Unfolding the story so preeise
Your answrs, hopes and fears
For what you don't expect
Deal the advisory message
This is the ritual of divination

Themes of reneval you may rejoice
Though triumph may bring it's own defeat
Confusion of your misery
Confirm the reading already taken
Search for the answer of ressurection
Rejoice with neither fear nor favor
The inqusitor's art work is not what it seems

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