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Corinne Bailey Rae

pochette album Diving for hearts
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Date de parution : 20/01/2010

Durée : 0:04:5

Style : Pop

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(verse 1:)
Till then i wasn't alive,
I longed for you like the lovesick moon pulls the tide.
So i peeled off my skin,
I just slipped right in
And i become alive.

(bridge 1:)
'cause down here there's no fear
There's no cause for panic
There's just bright cold calm,
I feel no harm.
This underwater feeling's abandon and it fires my heart.

Was it emotion
Or should i just keep on diving,
Keep on diving down?
Under this ocean
I long to keep on diving,
Till my heart is found.
It's got a hold on me

Can't forget the things i've seen

(verse 2:)
World will all end
And new worlds will begin
It's a thought so stark.
We're at once determinant,
Yet so insignificant,
Spinning out in the velvet dark.

(bridge 2:)
Still, down here
There's no fear
There's no cause for panic
There's just this bright cold calm
Yeah, it leaves a scar
So show me how to find again,
If i'm lost, show me where you are

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