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The basement's filled with cold
And the lamp's burning on the floor
Lost you today, forgot to say
That you can ask for more

The wind has shifted faces
And the water level's low
All these crops,
My body's yours
As the summer falls

Tumble through,
Burning through the fire
Could i, see you leave?--y'see,
Make me feel always,
For always,
It's you, that i see(k)

Lunatics get lucky
And everybody knows
The willows will hang their heads
And the bittersweet row
From where i sit,
With your back turned--
Here it's just begun!

(chorus 2x)

It's getting much too late
On the bus back to the city
The day is ending, ending dark
And maybe so are we

When the final summer ends,
If i could come back down to earth
I would only live my life again
What would that be worth?

If i can only kiss you once again
What would that be worth?

If i could fly back down to earth
What would that be worth?

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