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Danny Brown

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Date de parution : 13/03/2012

Durée : 0:02:56

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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It's in my dna cause my pops like to get fucked up the same way
It's in my dna cause my moms like to get fucked up the same way
Dna, dna cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way
Dna, dna cause my fam like to get fucked up the same way

(verse 1)
Waking up, drooling on versace pillowcases
And i'm smoking an eighth a day, i might end up a mental patient
Terry cloth bathrooms, blunts and ashtrays
White wine in flute glass, early morning saturdays
Food plates and grade a, crepes and oj
Bitches swimming topless in chlorine off morphine
Emails on ipads don't answer when phone rings
Text message full coming down on four beans
Everynight like a bachelor party in sin city
Bitches sniffing coke off each other titties with rolled 50s
Life i live like charlie sheen and rick james
Goin hard until it ain't a dollar to my name
This that triple x shit nigga, how ya feel?
Groupies like glam rock poison logo pill
Sniffing a molly off amps blond haired tramp
When i'm on my way to the stage every night i rage


(verse 2)
Warhols all on the wall of the villa
Adderall popping got me jumping to ceiling
Perceived as a villian no sentiment in my sentence
For instance in instants they'll be calling forensics
If incidents occur remember these ain't just words
Go from talking shit to organs preserved
You soft serve rappers just hide behind your reverb
And even with effects you'll just end you dessert
I research and homework, make you dig ya own dirt
On beats buried alive ratting wiseguys
I'm with a latin bitch fat ass and well porportioned thighs
And love to see it cumming so i squirt it in her eyes
I'm hopping out that new shit like narcs on tuesday
The grill on it shiny like ll cool j's
What's on my waist could make a nigga meet his doomsday
To describe ya mixtape that shit was like a toothache


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