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David Blingz

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It's david blingz again
You know what god did for love?

Verse 1
Back in the days when there was no border
No upper - limit in a world of disorder
The spirit of god moved around earth and chose
To make it a place for man to call his own

He made the birds of the air
The fish of the sea
The beast of land
And every plant in the forest

All that man was meant to do was just
Tend the big garden the creator called eden
But instead he joined the wife and committed the very first sin
They were ashamed
They had fallen short of grace

And as it were, they were doomed for the chase

Chasing what to eat and where to live
My brother my sister that was the birth of pain
In pain the first mother concieved cain
And in pain, cain had to kill abel

The lord showed his mercy yet again
And speared the life of cain
Though the blood of abel wined

When i see a lotta evil, i also see a god who pardons people

Verse 2
I also checked the history is is-ra-el
The people whom god showed most of his love
They always sticked with him
The always messed with him
But his love for them always prevailed over law

I remeber the harlot of jericho
She was chosen as an ancestor of christ
I remeber the man called david
He was still named a man after his heart

It is true the world is in is hands
And it's true he washed away the earth in a flood
What's also true is his love for humanity
And his will is to our souls from vanity

The plans he has are of good, not evil
To bring us all to an expected end
I guess that's why he sent his son to the slaughter
To die for our redemption and save us from the darkness

People, god has always been there for us
Despite our shortcomings, he answeres us still
What kind of love this is, is amazing.
Love him at all times people