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Date de parution : 20/04/2009

Durée : 0:04:43

Style : Rock

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I'll climb the tallest mountain
I'll swim the deepest sea
I'll do anything, baby
Anything to set you free

If you're lost and i can't find you
Somewhere in the night
If you need me there beside you
To make you feel alright

If you're standing in the darkness
I can show you light
'cause nothing stands between us
That love can't make right

I'll do it all for you
I'll do it all for you

When your world is full of sadness
And the feeling just goes on and on, and on
You know i'll be there

If you're standing on the very edge
And scared of looking down
I'll be there to catch you baby, if you take a fall

If you're trapped inside your heartache
And you can't find escape
Then come with me and break away
It doesn't matter what they say

I'll do it all for you
I'll do it all for you

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