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Mel Blatt

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* a e i owe you nothing baby,
Long time gone since i've been your lady
All the time that you've been away,
You never had nothing good to say.

Boy when you're with me i'm on fire
When you're gone i cant help thinking something's wrong
Cause in all but spirit i'm alive
But you kill me from a distance when you're gone.

Soon as i'm outta vision, i'm outta mind
Prove you're the kind of lover who reads me sign
Soon as i'm gone i'm out of your head
You can call from someone else's bed,
Just break anybody's heart instead of mine.

** first you say you care, sure baby yeah yeah
But the bullshit that you wear , this ain't a fair affair
When you're here with me, it's a sweet reality,
But baby when you're gone, i know you do me wrong.

Boy i can't help but wonder why,

You say that if we weren't together you would die,
Well, you started digging your own grave,
The day i turned and saw you look away.

Soon as your outta vision you spend your time,
Running around pretending you're a single guy,

Running outta lies each day, you find it harder and harder to explain,
Stop playing with my heart, it's getting tired.

(repeat **)

Do me wrong, when i'm gone
Do me wrong, when i'm gone

(repeat *)

*** i can't see why you think i'm waiting,
Life goes on while you're hesitating,
Not even a reason why, i'll pack my bags and i'll say goodbye,

(repeat *** , **)