Paroles de Do not go gently unto that goodbye

Eric Schwartz

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Date de parution : 03/07/2002

Durée : 0:04:55

Style : Pop

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Theres a rumor around that your loves going down
And you aint gonna stop it from dying
If as youve said, its long since been dead
Well how come your woman is still crying?
It seems such a shame, but now were inane
Of all that is holy and good
I offer you this and i hope you will listen
And somewhere, you know that you should

Time is a teacher
And love is the lesson
And life is a classroom
And everyones guessin
But you wont ever learn if you dont even try
Well do not go gently unto that goodbye
Do not go gently unto that goodbye

Well your lady is true and shes waiting for you
But you know that she wont wait for long
Shes too full of pride to take this in stride
And as soon as she goes, shell be gone
But love isnt leisure, its kind of a treasure
You have to continue to find
But go on, get wise and open your eyes
I think youll be changing your mind


And i dont have to tell you its wrong
Leaving a lady youve loved for so long
But she is the best thing that youll ever know
And youll live to regret it if you let her go

Well im not trying to scold you, but all that ive told you
Is simple but so hard to see
But i think ive been clear and i hope that i hear it
When someday you say it to me

Chorus (x2)

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