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Bg Knocc Out & Dresta

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Haha ha ha niggas aint known
Haha bg knock out on a motha fucken mission
Haha ha puttin marcs in check..cause bustas get no respect
Ha ha ha yeah its the big bad west side mad ass compton

1st verse
Early afternoon as i starts my day,
With a fat ass jay and a bottle of alizay,
Dip to the corner as i roll up the block,i see my niggas in dey cut
With dey glocks cocked back, ready to fill a niggas cap
Cause in the wicked west side its on like dat,
I gots to watch my back cause niggas kno my face,
So a packs a 9 double m just to stay safe,
When im rollin or just dippin through traffic,
Sucka stare me down im gonna let his ass have it,
Wit de automatic, and keep dippen lane ta lane,
As i throw up the n for tha west side gang,
Nigga it aint no future and you fronten or you faken
And youngsters like me just dont give up nuthin,
So untill ya mother fuckers recognize,
This is big bad west side nigga do or die

Chorus x4
Never will i run never will i hide
This is big bad west side nigga do or die

2nd verse
Steady bangin, steady slangin, steady hagin
Wit my niggaz still maintainen
Like a loc inhalin doja smoke,
And as long as i keep jacken ima never go broke,
Ill fall shorter than a migit wit no knees while all these marc niggas rollin around on d's
Please, i gots to get my man, any way i can,
Wit dis gat in my hand i will come up with the master plan
Blast a man if he cooperate now throw a gat 2 his his head tell him 2 lay face down on da ground and dont make a move 'cause your already takin a loss and if you do youll really lose out on your life your kids and wife so be a smart man and come up off dem nice 'cause if you do den ill let you stay alive but if you dont den i guess you gotta die


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