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Dj Quik

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Date de parution : 19/04/2011

Durée : 0:04:21

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Four, three, two
Let's count it off one
Yo, we gon' show you all to have fun
Get dressed and it the club around two
I'ma order me a henny and a brew
And i'ma grab two girls or maybe three
Now get on the dance floor with me
We wanna know what you came four
We wanna see you get it on the floor
Now we gon' push out about five
Feelin your buzz and behive
Now lets go get some breakfast at six
Out in front of the diner we taking pics
And i can see the redeye its like seven
Got the engine in the taho revvin
Pick up the cheque and bounce about eight
Now it's time to put you upon a plate
Honey i be the six you be the nine
I gotta have you again your too fine
Girl your better than nine your like dime
On a beautiful scale you get a ten
Because you dont take up with all men
You got me lost in time its eleven thirty
And your body's like heaven its so curvy
So just one more time do it soon so we can both be asleep by noon
What are you gonna do today?
Got me flying to l.a.
Where the sun never hides behind the clouds
You peep the shore line when you landed
On the 45 now dippin'
Whatevers on your mind's what we gon' do now.

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