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Huey Mack

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We recording?
And everything is going just great

(verse 1)
We young and we dumb and we full of ambition
We stubborn as hell and we never could listen
Cause nobody said what we wanted to hear
And now we on top and don't it feel weird?
It took a couple of years
But just like we planned we exceeded our peers
We ditching our fears and making our mark
So the who the hell are you to say we ain't smart?

They never believe in you
They shit on everything you do
But they say they're proud of you
Like i don't even have clue
What they used to say
How they used to feel
And lil mamas gonna ride me like a wagon wheel
When they used to say i didn't appeal
Like change this is all so real
But it couldn't get better
When the boys from the sorry
Live ever, die never
If you hate it or whatever
I could really care less
Gotta a real tight circle
And i always feel blessed to have yall
I couldn't have done it without yall
When i'm up, we gonna all fall
Cause you were there through the rain fall

(hook: missy modell)
Ohh it's such a beautiful day
There ain't a damn thing that can get in my way
They say we dug our own grave
They used to laugh at you hey
But now they taking back the jokes they made
Cause we're finally doing well
Ohwoah, i feel like everything is going my way
Cause we're finally doing well
Ohwoah, cause i don't really care what they say

(verse 2)
Look at me now
Can't believe i made my momma so proud
I came from the bottom ain't nothing to show
And now show every show is sold out crowd
And life is so great
Made some mistakes on my last mixtape
Didn't think i would make it and get used to the fame
But now everything seems to fall into place
And it's crazy right?
Dreamt about this shit my whole fucking life
Spent too many nights thinking about getting paper
And having my name up in lights
But this is more than that
More than rapping, more than the fame
I'm proud of the fact that we started from nothing
And only a year look at how far that we came


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