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The Graham Situation

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What'ya gotta do?
Keep your head alive
She cuts through my skin,
Without a reason to win
So what you're gonna do?
You're gonna keep them satisfied
Eye to eye and side to side,
Our souls are occupied

So where you're gonna go?
You know, you ain't got that much time
Back it up and try again,
We've got no words we're living by
Bye, bye, bye

We gotta, you gotta, she's gotta, i gotta

It's the devils tongue,
It's got its grip round' you son
You better do it smooth
You better do it

And it feels so strange, but it feels so good
Though it feels so strange just to be around you, girl
I've knocked it down, pushed it out
Yet still the moment i close my eyes it goes down, down, down

You gotta say what you gotta say
You gotta do what you gotta do
You gotta chase what you gotta chase
You gotta do what you gotta do
What'd ya do?

What'ya gonna do, you're gonna keep me occupied
Through the rain and through the moon
It's gonna be like paradise

But it feels so strange, i knew it would
Yeah it feels so damn strange just to be around you
You know i've knocked it off, pushed it down
I just wanna make it clear you caught me falling down, my love

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