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Total Touch

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Date de parution : 02/06/1998

Durée : 0:04:25

Style : Pop

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Do you mind - if i love ya?
Do you mind - 'm thinkin'of ya?
Do you mind - that it's you on my mind?
Do you mind - just to ty me?
One more time - you can't deny me
I don't mind - if you do - do you mind?
Yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!
Yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!
It's the look in your eyes
That's impressing me
Your smile gives me a wonderful sensation
Feels like you've got a spell on me
I am no longer holding out
I'll scream it out real loud - baby
Repeat chorus
It's so hard to resist
I wanna give you all my charms
Your kinda love is what i missed
Why is it i can't hold you in my arms?
You cannot run
You cannot hide
'cause i won't step aside, baby
Repeat chorus

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