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Hey, do you remember when matt hinkle started it all
Dayton family 1990, invested the first cheese to ever let us hit the studio...
Fo'get it, let me just ask you these questions, check it...

Do you remember the clique was breaking you off back in december
Surrender, you rappers aint got no skills, you just pretenders
We heartless, we takin you out the game and that's regardless
Them partners, they fuckin' it up again and plus they fault us
Remember, the niggas that reppin the ave they drop them solo's
Or fold those, we spinning them daytons instead of them momo's
We tiptoes, do you remember the way that we ripped shows, like .4-4's
We breakin it down so fuck you hoes
Do you remember shoestring, but fuckin it up cold as the winter
Remember... you rappers be runnin your mouths, but you all beginners
Quit actin, you bitches been suckin my dick but now you packin and jackin
Fuckin around with us, you hoes subtractin
Remember when dope was whoopin yo ass from start to ending
Stop bending, we bustin you up again yo head we sending
Keep walkin, we done check yo nuts before but you still talkin and stalkin
Quit suckin up on my dick bitch, you aint balkin
I said it, i'm chasin you up and out and down you headed, get leaded
Fuckin around with dayton bitch y'all gonna get it
Remember the homies that dented you up, just like a fender
You tender, stickin you in yo neck cause our agenda, you leakin
Robbin you for yo shit, you know we creepin, you peekin
Checkin us up and down cause we some heathens
Boot-zilla, blastin on these bicthes, we some killas
From the dorseys to the millers...

Do you remember when the days were short and the nights were long
Do you remember holdin' on even thoug

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