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Peter Bjorn And John

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It might be, 'gainst your will
But now you have to talk,
You know you have to talk
Your eyes red, thunder ball
You're making it hard, i will not let it go
I don't need to succeed
Just need to hear ou speak,
To crack up now and speak
Speak your mind, tell me your thughts,
I can wait or use force
I can waste all the time that you need,
To make clear it really was wasted

It is strange, how you change
You sure were dull before,
But this is beyond beyond
Can't you see, it's your loss
I see it in your eyes,
Not happy are they, those eyes
Carrying or careless, they're hard to tell apart
For you, and where's your heart
In your chest or in your head,
Sketching vauge sceneries
Might take place, later on, that will wreck all apart,
But does it matter now?

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