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Insane Clown Posse

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Date de parution : 14/08/2012

Durée : 0:01:46

Style : Rock

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Yeah, bitch!

You's a glorified snitch, with a nuclear mullet,
I got the name "dog", engraved on my bullets,
You wife looks like "the wrestler", with fat fake pumpkins,
She look like the type that like to give you a blumpkin,
Your kids are on meth and you got crank breath,
I wish youd come for me, id introduce you to the death (pop!)
Fuck your damn lecture, im the dog catcher,
Come to the d, ill bet you leave on a stretcher,

Bigot hoe, racist fool, paedophile namin,
Rollin in a dumb v, and late on the payment,
Arresting drunk fucks for twenty five bucks,
Wearing night time sleeveless t-shirt cuts,
Sucks to be you, a fake rambo with no gun,
Not even a stun one, youre not in the run,
From yellin stop no dont, to dead by the road,
Youd best just go home and score a bong full of dope!

Man, fuck your advice, who wanna listen stale!
To a fuckin bigot snitch on your way to jail,
I heard you got arrested and raped in mexico,
The way your blonde wig flow, they did you like a hoe,
Who would be surprised if your wife had a dick?
Not me!, i half way expect that shit!
Just the way you like it, thundercat hairstyle,
Dog the bigot bitch, found dead on 8 mile,

Get a job at walmart, hall security guard,
You can have more jurisdiction, and act just as a hard,
Quit chasing bail jumpers, jay walkers and drunks,
Before you get your head blown off, into skull chunks,
You aint a cop, yous a flop, get the fuck off my block!
Youre a racist, you can fucking suck off my cock,
Bounty hunter, you want bust me?, ill bet ya,
Quit directing mutha fucker, mad hoe

I the dog catcher!

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