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Smokey Robinson

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You make me feel just like i'm the luckiest man to ever live
Cause all the love one man could possibly get honey you give
In your voice, soft & low
There's a little something that let's me know
If you took your heart & made it mine
I would be true till the end of time
Of time, doggone right (doggone right)
You brighten up baby each & every day that i have to face
& if the sun don't shine, your smile is there to take its place
Sweet & warm tender touch
Letting me know that it means so much
To be loved by somebody who is just as much in love as you
As you, doggone right (doggone right)

Said you're doggone right (doggone right)
Oh doggone right (doggone right)
Oh you're doggone right
When i am sad you take the time to be concerned
It makes a man feel so good to know that his love is being returned
Eenie meenie miney mo
Love is a guessing game i know
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
But i've got to win cause it's you that i choose
I choose, doggone right (doggone right)
Said you're doggone right (doggone right)
Doggone right (doggone right)
Doggone right (doggone right)

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