Paroles de Dogs

Stan Ridgway

pochette album Dogs
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Date de parution : 30/04/1997

Durée : 0:04:05

Style : Rock

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One dog buries a bone and then the
Other dog digs it up and finds
A prize in store
One dog dies and the other dogs go
Dig him up a tomb, with his
Name inscribed

And there, on his tombstone
Carved so bold
The words are clear and strong
It says:
This one is for the eyes
For the eyes of the other dogs to come
It's for the eyes of the other dogs to come

One man digs a hole while the
Other another one shovels dirt inside
Another hole
One man says hello, while
Another man is leaving on a
Long journey, to a place he'll not return

Chorus repeat

Every entrance has an exit
Every doorknob has a twist
I wonder what my face looked like
Before it looked like this?

Chorus repeat

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