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It's 4:44, you enter in the dark
Kiss my face and hold my paw
I start to bark! arf! arf! arf!
Wish i was a mongrel pup
Then i would sleep the whole night through
I would lick your feet all day
I would always wait for you!
Now i lay me down to sleep
You're snoring while i weep
I am clinging to your warmth
I must find in my own heart!
When i dia and am reborn
You will be my pup, all mine
You will pick up after me
You will want me all the time
I panic in my little nest
I can't imagine being without you
But i know it's for the best
For my happiness
Now this little mongrel pup
Is off the leash and out to stray
I will lick myself all over
And try h-h-hard, not to think of you...
In the dogyard
Not going to be your mongrel pup
Mongrel pup !
Mongrel pup !
Mongrel pup !

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