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Buddy Jewell

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I was comin' off of a heartache
addin' up all my mistakes
you know how it is
i was beatin' myself up real good
over all those should've coulds
but never dids
i could lose myself in my self pity
but i've done that and that ain't pretty
and somewhere in this mess i've made
is my philosophy
if you don't jump every chance you get
roll the dice and run some risk
if you don't fall then how you ever gonna fly
and if you don't break and you don't bruise
if you don't look back and laugh at one or two

wrong moves in your life
you ain't doin' it right
i've been flush and flat broke
made some lousy bets but that's okay
yeah that's alright
cause never gamble never losin'
is a sorry ubstitution
for livin' life
yeah i've got scars that i'm proud of
i've been down but i get up
and the only thing i know about love
is there ain't no guarantees
repeat chorus
bridge: so go ahead and put the bow to the fiddle
pick you a spot and jump in the middle
love just a little then love just a little more
repeat chorus

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