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Herman Brood

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Feel so good - it must be wrong
This junk is really workin' out pretty strong
Feel so high, it must be low
Move so fast, it's almost slow

Gonna hit you so hard, you'll never hit back
Child you look so spoiled it makes me sad
You act so weird, i think you're clean
You treat me so tough, it's almost mean

Feel so strong, it's getting' out of hand
Feel so wise, just don'y understand
Feel so cool, got complete control
Feel so perfect that i lost my soul

Feel like doin' it

You lie so good, you think it's true
Funny while i'm still countin' on you
Got so much space, still no home
Feel so handsome but still alone
Feel so high it must be low
Feel so fast, it's almost slow

Feel like doin' it

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