Paroles de Doin' the new low-down

Cab Calloway

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It isn't alcohol no yaller gal at all
Thrills me fills me with the pep i've got

I've got a pair of feet
That found a low down beat
Low down, down around a spot that's hot!

I've got no peace
I'm losin' my lease on livin'
Here's the how?
I'm tellin' you now to give in!

Oh, make 'em play that crazy thing again

I've gotta do that lazy swing again.
Heigh, ho, doin' the new low down.

I got my feet to misbehavin' now,
I got a soul that's not for savin' now.
Heigh, ho, doin' the new low down.

That dancin' demon has my feet in a trance,
'cause while i'm dreamin'
I go into that dance

And once you hear the haunting strain to it,
I'd like to bet you'll go insane to it.
Heigh, ho, doin' the new low down.

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