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Yung Niggas

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I'm that nigga yall don't know about, cause i'm just now coming
Out, making all yall forget about, all them other rapppers and
Players, about to have yall niggas thinking about the buffalo sabres,
Cause yall on thin ice, i'm going to the top of this buisness, niggas
Truly gon be like that niggas nice, i flow hotter than lava, niggas
Think since i'm young, i might cause drama, since it's like that i
Hope you got enough armor, cause i'm coming through ready to hit
Your baby mama, hitting this, hitting that, messing around with me,
Your girl will be ridding piggy back, picture that, me and your girl
Swimming in diamonds and pearls, going everywhere just to explore
The world.

I'm a young nigga
Doing what i gotta do
Entertaining for them and you
Keeping it real for my boo and my crew

I'm representing buffalo, coming through stacking doe,
Smoking dro, just making sure, everywhere i go, i put on a show,
That's not a no no, if anything that's a yes, it takes away stress,got
Girls ready to lift up they dress, trying to do something wild, and
They already got like 1 child, chicks on the corner selling their
Body, for money, and that shit ain't even funny, drinking rummy,
Thinking they see bunnys, but it's really their imagination, calling
Radio stations, when their minds racing, trying to request a song,
Cause they don't know right from wrong.

I'm a young nigga
Doing what i gotta do
Entertaining for them and you
Keeping it real for you and my crew

I'm reppin the buff everybody understand this
Shit, you ain't really my man til you'll let ya cannons
Hit, no friends fam stay holdin it down, my name
Would be papi if if i was holdin ya child say i'm just a
Young one don't know nuttin but style, robbed christ,
Got him crucified, went smoked on a pound, buffalo
Shit, grand finale holding it down, ain't no seeds
Here, so don't act like i had ya legs in the air, talk
About money but ya shit get stuck here, guns spark
Fly and make fireworks in the air, don't know what i
Speak i nevah took you there, so stay back and relax
Till i get there.

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