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Malevolent Creation

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Date de parution : 11/10/1993

Durée : 0:04:32

Style : Rock

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Mindless souls gathered in, life is taken away.
On man ruler, of their world, live in agony.
Grabbing wealth, hypocrite.
The wandering get a home, taste the anguish of the loss.
Well cleansed brain, easier to mold.
Locked yourself inside of a dream, mental pain, venomous game.
Faith will follow in transverse.
Live the lies.
Dominion of terror, one man's hell.
Union of your despair.
Stockpiling arms for the end, amassing food accumulation.
Fortifying the shield of god, silent wait for armageddon.
Twisted mind forms this race, into his shell, you're gathered in.
Brain left to rot, gray matter waste.
Acquired to complete his sin.
Dominion of terror
Mindless souls gathered in, life is taken away.
One man, ruler of their world, exist in agony.
Plays on emotions of guilt. sucked into suffer.
Church of your god always filled, wealth is well ensured.

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