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Rich Boy

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Date de parution : 13/02/2014

Durée : 0:02:12

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Lord i wanna talk to you one time
Lord you know you're my nigga right?
They say you don't gotta come to you with
No fancy prayers and all that shit
You know whats on my heart shit
I'm going to tell you whats on my heart
Can you talk back to me i'm just saying man
Please be alright with me
Cause this is my life
Something wrong with how i'm living
Lord i don't know why
If i'm running lord forgive me
Check this out right here
Now this is my life
Then why the fuck you worried about it
I ain't worrying about it
So why the fuck y'all worrying about it
I'm living
Me ----- is where the cash at
----- like a play gotta be played to the last act
Matter fact survival is my forte
Today the name of the game is -------
For what the world say
My life is real
--- look i gotta died nine times to live
Lord please forgive i fuck continues girls
Blowing purple taking trips to the end of the world
Lord have mercy on my soul
I roll with an army blowing purple blunts so fat
They thought i was smoking barney
I love you to death, but --- is a pit bull
Riding round serving ---- raw like a skinned bull
I'm a hustler but i leave you all dead
Mr. clean -------- than mr. clean's bald head
Plus i'm all red bloodier than a motherfucker
Married to the game so i know the streets love me
Lord when you judge i know my jail is hell
I'm going down to satan with my blow ----- scales
Me and satan gonna ----
I'm a blow the droll with my thug homie's
We don't need no white "we in here homie pull on it"
Something wrong with how i'm living
Lord i don't know why
If i'm running please forgive me
Lord can you talk to me one time
Check this out right here though check this out
Now our father who walked in heaven please save your son
Bless me father for i thank you i ain't trying to burn
Son you give your soul to me
You will have eternal life
No more worrying about your struggles
You will finally see the light
Lord i prayed every day
But the pain don't end
Prayed before i went to court
And wound up in the pen
Might beloved child faith is how the blessing comes in
You gotta believe in your heart i sent my son to die for your sin
I don't know i don't get it lord talk to me
How can i have faith in something i just can't see
This is a small example son listen very closely
You can't see oxygen, but you believe you can breathe
Help me god
See my situation i'm facing
Got me encasing embracing
In hell is where you gonna place me
I give you blessings and lessons
You take my message for granted
You're expecting my essence
I can't have you in heaven
Lord you say you forgive for everything
And i know you don't lie
You forgive while we still go to heaven we die
That's a good one ------ i do forgive for everything
But if you keep doing the same then i'm forgiving in vain
My life
And i know i'm doing dirt lord
Only got a couple bricks
Forgive me while i get em off
Forgive you for the heroin
Forgive you for that little charge
Forgive you for the heroin
I knew you'd be a dope boy
I'm living
Thank you one more time
I had to give you a piece of my mind
This is my life
If i'm running lord forgive me
This is my life

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