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R. Stevie Moore

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I don't know what i say about
The current trend that's sweeping u.s.
What happened to the good ole days
When it was soul music to us?

I hate the disco
I despise the fashion
And if you want to know
I have no reaction
When it's on the speakers
I don't care to listen
And if you want to know
I have no opinion

Blame it on the bee gees
Or sly and the family stone
Or blame donna summer
Or earth wind and fire
Or blame otis redding
Kc and the sunshine
Or barry white or meco
Or blame john travolta

Don't blame the niggers
Don't blame the niggers

Forget the clavinet
Forget the synthesizer bass
And the strings
Forget that stupid beat
They are putting in on everythings

Blame it on boz scaggs
Or the ohio players
Accuse wilson pickett
Or diana ross
Or blame harold melvin
And the stylistics
It's all wild cherry's fault
Or you could blame aretha

Blame all the movies
The hype and the public
Or blame all the ladies
For tempting the fellows
Accuse everybody
For letting it happen
You are the culprit
I am also guilty

I hate the disco
I despise the fashion

Don't blame the niggers