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Frank Lauridsen

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I came to the hotel late last night
The zombie at the reception
Didn't look too bright
But i got my keys
There's no limit to what money can buy
I was feeling dead so i hit my bed
But sleep didn't come to my eye

One by one the hours just went by
And at 5am i had nothing left to try
I was rocking and rolling
Tossing and turning in my bed
I went down to the hall to make a call
But a voice kept ringing in my head

Don't call home
In the middle of the night
You might be in for a big surprise
Even if you think
That everything is all right
Your old lady's voice
Might have changed overnight

Had a handful of change
So i grabbed that telephone
I waited a while
Till i got that ringing tone
It kept on ringing for a minute
And then she took my call
But when i heard that voice
Behind the noise
It didn't match hers at all

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