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By scatterbrain
From the recording titled 'here comes trouble'

Here's my story, sad but true
About a girl that i once knew.
She broke my heart, i became unglued,
It all started when she called me dude

Well today i leave the psycho ward
Cause my sentence did conclude:
I had killed a man with my bare hands
Because he called me dude

The jury said that i was insane.
Temporally insane - brain strain.
But now the doctors say i'm a.o.k.
So i start my new life today.

This story starts some years ago
As i vacationed by the sea.
In the california sunshine
Just me & my baby.

I was in love feeling sky high
When a big blonde lifeguard walked by.
He looked at her, she looked at him -
I knew it was good bye.

He took her by the hand, kicked sand in my face.
She looked & laughed & said, "later dude!"
They were gone without a trace
And the waves echoed her laughter
And her words...yo later dude.

Later that night i was in such a bad mood
Sittin' in a bar drinkin' hard, getting stewed
Thinkin' 'bout that girl & how 'bout i'd been screwed
When some guy walks in sits next to me & says
What's up dude!

I heard the word dude & i became unglued.
Slowly i turned, step by step, inch by inch
And put my hands around his neck, and i squeezed...

Don't call me dude!

So that's how i got where i am
But this ain't where it ends.
The doctors said they cured me
I said good bye to my crazy friends.

I was smiling as i left that place
My life had been renewed.
The guard at the gate, he stamped my pass
And he said, "yo later dude!"

Slowly i turned...


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