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An she say she got to know me enough to show me her stuff cause she like it rough but i dont know if its my thing, or if she like the cock thing and bling thing so bad ill end up in sing sing sad
An bein had an minus glad but ya dont care, well

It seem like you just dont care
Seem like you just dont care
Dont care

Her world is too filled with thrills an bill$ to the big dollar love holla sex collar but im just a fella whod like to tell her that real life is bigger an i aint the knigga wholl pull her trigger just like the pigs who stop us an pop us an strap us an busta cap in steel cage white rage low wage monkey jobs an ya dont care, dont care, well


The foundation of mass communication is just a vacation to a nation where station has meaning to the left handed gleaning of soil n sorrow n toil to borrow what roils within the sin
Of a dominating world view
Where bigger is better n law is the letter that shackles an fetters while jet setters fly high n stay there and ya dont care, well


An in the end these words like birds fly sky high while im lick lovin push shovin my jimmy in her oven as day breaks an the world shines in a fun glass so fine that i cant find my sisters an brothers n fathers n mothers seperate n date rape caught on videotape in the 7-11 heaven of biggies eye in the sky apple pie where kids cry and ya ya ya dont care, dont care, well


An this hop aint meant to be lyrical satirical empirical or some miracle of phrases n mazes so hollow a bloodhound cant follow
The hole in my soul so wide
It could eat the whole sky
Till gettin overs gone supernova i cant cry an know why cause i cant get high when we dont care, dont care, dont care, well

It seems like we just dont care
Seems like we just dont care
Dont care

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