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You check into this life when you're born.
And so sadly along the way many of us are torn.
Listen you with the bulging eyes you've got to learn to cry.
Yes your cheeks are suffering from a drought.
You've got to stop looking for a way to check out.
Choose life choose life choose life...

You want to break free from your mortal cage.
Like an actor wants to walk down from off his stage.
Yet i think its not good to leave this cosmic solar system.
Before g-d allows your curtain down i don't know but
You might lose a stone from your crown.
Choose life choose life choose life...

My friend be strong and don't leave your race.
I see the devil threw something that hit your face.
Blinded just for a moment you tried a different way.
Believe me the seasons they come and they go.
Believe me your tears will carry away all your pain.
Choose life choose life choose life...

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