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Lloyd Banks

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It's terminate on sight the burner lay all night beside of me its logically the only way thats right i give you all i got some of my homies gave dey life the misguided die while the children pay the price i always keep my knife so keep ur weak advice u probably workin wit the people a horrible secret life how u niggas sleep at night you should have insomnia cuz dey aint teach you right if you jus left laguardia be happy you got outta here cuz i'll have niggas follow you get out da rival chair fuck your pride keep god n ur bible near i swear my heart colder den chicago air (yea) round here marcielago stare im feelin myself give bitches the i dont care honestly i dont got a fear except the one above here comes a violent yea

Scared niggas dont come around its on when i see u i wouldn't wanna be you betta home get down blocks full of evil fuck around n eat you nigga swim or drown no one could help you wit the cards they delt you dont make a sound its to late to save you i'll d.o.a.u

(verse 2)
When you young n you flawsed up of course they gonna hate ya be careful cuz these nigga will cross you like rafer

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