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Little Angels

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Date de parution : 17/02/2012

Durée : 0:04:43

Style : Rock

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She said we were ment to be
Tied up in security
So i quizzed her up about that thing
What she described near blinded me
'bout a stirrup strap, a master gland,
Her perfect combination plan,
She said 'don't be afraid, we got it made,
Fantasy is where we misbehave'
Got to keep it moving now
Get it on some other how
Don't confuse it,
Don't confuse it,
Don't confuse it, dont confuse sex with love.
There were more than two, six on nine
One in front, three more behind
All those eyes, all those thighs
Plastic dolls and plastic ties
Up to fun, the lusty ones
Drown in all that is to come,
If you got it mind, i got the time
Leave your superstitions far behind
Not for one moment am i
Suggesting everyone try
But take a look and you'll see
There's more to your fantasy
Than meet the eye.
When the room is hot, the red skin drops
Put the key into the box
Be discreet and i'll complete
Right here 'neath this table top
If the waiter shows, bite your lip
And i'll give you the perfect tip
Don't be afraid, we've got it made,
Fantasy is where we misbehave now,
If you got the time, i've got the mind
I never want to see you stopping anything
And toeing the line, line!

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