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Enzo Ikah

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I dont wanna see you
Cry as much as others babies
You have my blood
Still flowing in your heart
I know how hard it is
To grow up so far throw my eyes
You feel lonely because
I feeling the same

Dont cry , dont cry dont cry don't cry canaan

Canaan , la petite fille au petit frisson
Canaan, mon collier porte bonheur
Canaan , c'est toi l' effet placebo
De mes douleurs
Au dela toutes mesures je jure que je t'aime
Mon bébé jet'aime , jet'aime ,je t'aime

Kolela kate
Nionso ya papa ekozala yayo
Na bo sana yo te
Canaan yaya na gülcin
Na lingaka yo , canaan

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