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Flatbush Zombies

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(intro x4)
Acid, acid
Tab, tab
Roll it, smoke it
Take a drag, drag

(verse 1: erick arc elliott)
Ain't no heart in the music, it's all device
In the lab cooking work like walter white
My general salute, i got a gram or two
And have a nigga head spinning like a poltergeist
Probably never gon' change, nigga, fuck fame
This is real cocaine, nigga, nigga, numb to the gums
Numb, numb 'til you spit
Nothing i ever do is wack, so in fact, i am that sick
Nigga, hit it once then he pass it
Casket, casket, i am often drastic
Undead to the dead, two horns in my head
Levitating when my eyes become red, dawg
Nectar for the holy protector, wreck them
Yes, i carry along weapon, just in case
Machine gun them, we clear the place
True jan love, ganja we blaze

(hook x2: meechy darko)
Don't do drugs, kids, give them to i
It's amazing how acid could open your eyes
My face look sour cause i'm smoking it, guy
I'm so damn high, can't open my eyes

(verse 2: meechy darko)
You the best, nuh-uh, i'm the best, bruh bruh
Shotgun, pump pump, leave you leaking, slump slump
Now you all fucked up, don't compare us to nobody, nigga, they're not us
Had to die for these (?) fuck the music in my (?)
O.g. i puff, gold teeth, not much if (not at all)
Told her i don't give a fuck unless the money's involved
Or drugs involved, or fucks involved
Baby, a dollar and a dream'll make your money evolve
Like watered down packs, you're not that raw
These bolivian bars that i'm stepped on
Hear (?)
Nigga, you slipping if you ain't near (?)
Supreme seams, zombie logo
Or i'm wearing polo, eye bleed hit trees meet sonny bono
Between these seas and i row row row row
Radiant girl can't see my aura
I'm meechy, i needs me a rita ora
Lock your daughters, i'm coming for her
I knock that bitch up and i not support her, i'm joking, sorta
You know my future's bright and i'm kinda important
I don't need the karma, drama, baby momma
Let's hear bout (?) i let you spray the llama
When doubt i got problems, i spit that fool and drown in a coffin
The world's on my back and it's quite exhausting
But i'mma keep it squeezing it for all this fortune, i'm off this

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