Paroles de Don't doubt yourself, babe

The Byrds

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Date de parution : 20/03/1992

Durée : 0:02:54

Style : Rock

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Don't doubt yourself, babe
Let your feet stand up for your beliefs, babe

I know what's running through your mind
You think you ought to capture time
Make love walk the straight
And narrow, oh,oh

Don't doubt yourself gal
Let what's inside be your guide, you know darn well

For all the wrongs been done to you
Is makin' you prettier so don't be blue
The life you've lived and what you've been through
You're lucky, oh,oh

Don't doubt yourself when
Daylight fades and darkness begins

It's only come to show you that
You're the one who knows where it's at
The rest who think they've got it pat
Know nothing, oh,oh

Don't doubt yourself 'cause
At the end of your words no one applauds

The truth is proven to be found
Harder to take the first time around
So don't you worry, it's gonna
Be all right, oh,oh

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